With experience in law enforcement, the criminal justice system, the practice of law and corporate problem-solving, Focus’s professionals offer an unparalleled range and quality of investigative services. From cases involving complex fraud, an industry or company damages by organized crime-linked smuggling or counterfeiting, corruption, organized criminal activity in the securities industry, or illicitly relinquished assets – Focus’s expertise is second –to–none in quickly and effectively dealing with your problem.

Risk and Crisis Management

Understanding and managing risk are essential to be successful. Focus’s professionals are experts in developing and implementing strategies to address known or potential problems. These risks may derive from any number of factors including political and economic instability, hidden insider networks, organized criminal activity and communication breakdowns, bureau crating intransigence, cross-cultural conflicts. Call on Focus’s professionals to meet these challenges.

Global Intelligence

Obtaining reliable intelligence is essential in today’s highly competitive global marketplace. Focus’s professionals have extensive experience in gathering accurate and complete information throughout the world. In fact, securing such information is the cornerstone of the company’s due diligence engagements. Focus professionals understand exactly what data is required to confidently make critical business decisions as well as the need for thoroughness and precision so that information obtained can stand up as evidence in court.

Document Managment

The foundation of successful investigations is the ability to find information you need; when you need it. Focus professionals thrive on solving information management problems by designing and implementing easy to use intelligent electronic relational databases. Focus-designed databases provide shortcuts to enable you to identify key documents and then to classify, index, cross-reference, tag and maintain the integrity of thousands of documents. Focus systems offer you and your clients an easy way to search through vast quantities of information quickly.

Forensic Document Examination

Many civil and criminal cases hinge on forensic document examination, analysis and findings to make firm determinations on such matters as the authenticity of documents, handwriting comparisons, detection of fabricated photocopies and ink analysis. Focus professionals can provide expert and thorough examinations of suspect documents through its state-of-the-art laboratory facility.

Communications Management

A primary concern of any company, organization or individual is premature public disclosure of a problem. Focus professionals can develop the necessary communications strategy and action plans to effectively contain leaks and manage communications should information become public. You may require such external advice and counsel either because you don’t have in-house capabilities, don’t trust them or wish to keep delicate matters tightly controlled and confidential. Focus professionals understand the need to ensure that your reputation is managed effectively.

Asset Tracing & Recovery

Focus has successfully traced and recovered assets throughout the world. The company applies the knowledge and understanding of domestic and international banking, must funds, off shore accounts, tax havens and underground banking systems to matters including:

  • Corporate Fraud
  • Bankruptcy Fraud
  • Corruption of government officials
  • Money laundering
  • Trust & estate anomalies
  • Loan defaults
  • Post-judgment collection
Fraud Investigations for Corporations and Financial Institutions

Focus has extensive experience and expertise investigating fraud. The company uncovers evidence, reconstructs events, interviews individuals and testifies, if necessary, for matters including:

  • Bribery, kickbacks & secret commissions
  • Embezzlement
  • Procurement fraud
  • Management/employee fraud
  • Forgery
Corporate and Financial Investigations

Focus can respond immediately and discreetly to any allegations or evidence of internal or external wrongdoing. Our forensic reports can be used by police forces, if required, in criminal proceedings or by legal council in civil actions. Matters Focus investigates include:

  • Theft of assets & corporate secrets
  • Breach of trust
  • Stock market manipulation
  • Securities wrongdoing
  • Commercial extortion
  • Organized crime
  • Money laundering
  • Computer crime
  • Negligence
Critical Interviews

Our investigations have extensive experience conducting information gathering and confrontational interviews with individuals at all levels of society, including:

  • Sources
  • Informants
  • Witnesses
  • Suspects
  • Consultants & experts
  • Law enforcement officials
Communications Management

Whether you want to develop crisis management capabilities or need immediate help dealing with the media, the markets, shareholders, politicians and regulators, activists, community groups or employees, Focus professionals can develop the right course of action quickly and effectively.

Crisis Prevention
  • Risk assessment & forecasting
  • Crisis simulation & training
  • Crisis management planning
  • Plan implementation
Crisis management
  • Media relations
  • Investor relations
  • Government relations
  • Stakeholder relations
Surveillance and Counter-Surveillance

If you suspect that your confidential conversations may be being secretly Monitored and/or Recorded, or that you are being Video-Taped with a hidden Video Camera, our Counter Surveillance Bug Detectors are to provide full protection.


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