Our Approach

Focus applies its Five Stage approach to each investigation. Throughout, the company liaises closely with the clients and utilizes their expertise and resources whenever possible. This ensures that the needs of the clients are met in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Case strategy

  • Define client concern
  • Asses case facts
  • Develop work plan
  • Set progress & resolution schedule
  • Commit resources
  1. Evidence gathering
    1. Examine information
    2. Identity issues and supporting evidence
    3. Seek out missing information
    4. Perform selective research
    5. Identity and interview key individuals
  2. Analysis
    1. Assimilate key evidence
    2. Critically assess evidence & other information
    3. Assist lawyers with Discovery
    4. Review preliminary findings & case strategy with client
  3. Reporting
    1. Interprete findings & their implications
    2. Prepare summaries, schedules & graphs
    3. Prepare witness statements
    4. Report findings & supporting data Assemble & present documents
  4. Resolution
    1. Evaluate alternative positions
    2. Assist with negotiation, settlement & in court
    3. Prepare demonstrative aids
    4. Present evidence

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