Focus Forensic Investigations Ltd established in 2001, which started business, based on a memorandum, in the mid-2001 and it is registered at the Registrar of Companies. It is a licensed Investigation Office by the Appropriate Authorities

Focus Forensic Investigations conducts preliminary financial or other investigations/search on fraudulence, illegal commissions and money laundering. The company investigates missing persons, vehicles and other objects cases. In addition, it provides advice/studies on life and estate insurance matters.

Focus Investigators operate all over the free Cyprus area, and has lawyers, accountants and other scientists as associates, whom it consults on investigating/handling specialised cases.

The Manager of Focus is Mr. Panicos Hadjiloizou, former Police Chief, and along with other former Police officers, who are well aware of the Laws and the Constitutional Civil Rights, compose the human dynamic of Focus.

They are professionals and discrete on fraud or attempted fraud cases regarding Insurance Companies, Banks and other Organizations/Companies.

Focus also, cooperates with similar companies abroad, mainly in European countries, Russia and Middle East and can handle the investigation of such cases.

Prices are affordable by any citizen in trouble and is seeking for help.

Our clientele include organisations such as Banks, Law Firms, Insurance companies, corporations, semi government organisations, individuals etc.

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